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Praphat Sungsin you are solely responsible for the contents of your site.

Please note that proxy scripts, game scripts (e.g. steam, galaxytool), torrent scripts, hacking toolz, shell scripts, php encoded scripts, mail-only accounts are strictly forbidden here and your account can be instantly terminated. As well, illegal materials like paid scripts without license (e.g vBulletin or IPB) are not allowed and you risk to have ENTIRE account deleted without warning. Check our terms.
Adult and wap/mobile sites are allowed only if you upgrade.

You can delete this page hostpage.html or rename it to anything you want for future reference. Upload a valid index: index.html index.php index.htm Index.php index.shtml Index.htm Index.html default.htm default.html home.htm home.html else you will see a 403 (forbidden) page.

To update/modify your account go to Account Manager located at

Account username:

Password: password chosed by you at registration

MySQL database: *hidden* for security reasons - go to Account Manager to find it

MySQL host: localhost

MySQL username: *hidden* for security reasons - go to Account Manager to find it

MySQL password: equal with account password

MySQL database must be activated via Account Manager >> Hit Create DB button.

Your phpMyAdmin is located at Log in using MySQL username NOT account username.

At Account Manager you will be able to use Autoinstaller for PhpBB3, SMF, WordPress or Joomla. And that with just one click.

To upload your files go to our Web based FTP client (recommended), located at

FTP server (host): or localhost

FTP username: or localhost

FTP password: account password chosed by you at registration

Once logged in, you will be able to create a new dir, new file, to upload a zip archive and have it unzipped automatically, to edit your files, to select files and download them as .zip, to copy, move, delete, rename, chmod (change permissions), search anything under your account, ability to see and edit dot files like .htaccess. With a normal ftp program you will not be able to do this.

For a complete list of features see


Edit custom error pages to anything you want:

404.html - not found errors (trial)

403.html - forbidden errors


We fully support dot files (.htaccess, .htpasswd) but please note that .htaccess will only have effect under a subfolder of your site (eg. You will be able to see and edit .htaccess only with our Web based FTP client.

Attention!! A wrong .htaccess file can block your site and instead you will see a 500 internal server error.


Php variables: safe_mode, register_globals or magic_quotes_gpc can be easily turned off/on at Account manager.


With just $1/month, you have ALL ads removed and support us to offer a quality service. Go to for more details.

To prevent abuse, traffic limit is 5000MB/day. You should contact us as we raise bandwidth limit on request. Please do not request more bandwidth if you don't need it. Don't forget to check our terms, storage/download related sites are not allowed.

If you need a hit tracker (web counter), check our service: - Professional website statistics, fast and easy signup. All for FREE. Sign up then just copy the code on your pages.

Use a very hard to guess password to prevent your account being hacked. Also, install only new and optimized scripts. Mysql password is equal with account password and if your script with db connection is hacked, entire account is hacked. Take care with file permissions specially with FULL - 777!!! Once installed, set permissions for script configuration file to 644.


Thank you for using our services,

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